10 ways to entertain a 10 month old while cooking 

Ramadan post – 8   (June 13, 2016. Ramadan 8, 1437)


Every mother who has an infant or
toddler knows how difficult is it to prepare food for ifthar with a baby hanging on to you for attention. Especially since ifthar has to be prepared at the exact time – there can be no delay! Add to it guests for ifthar!

Though we tend to have limited food for ifthar and I do not cook as much, it does get a little challenging when my baby is vying for attention.

I limit my baby’s screen time to almost nil hence to keep her distracted with videos and YouTube is not an option. Neither do we have over the moon expensive toys and gears. So I need to find simple ways to keep my girl busy.

Ways I entertain my baby  while cooking.

1. Play pen with toys – This is by far our safest and favourite entertainment. The mothercare travel cot which we received as a gift is what we use a play pen.  It is filled with soft balls from IKEA, a teether, rattle. Often, I change the toys and also do give a  bottle or other safe kitchen paraphernalia which  can be used as a toy.
Pros –  1. No bumping of head especially since she is just learning to stand.
2. Cannot jump out of it in any way.
3. Since there is a mesh net all around, no chance of getting her tiny hands locked in between rails.

2. IKEA Elekta Sheep – This has been my imagebaby’s favourite toy for a good few months now. She loves holding the legs and the string.

3. Board books, Touch and feel books – Since her 8th month she has been fascinated with 100 first words. I suppose she is engrossed with it due to the bright colours. She does stay busy with these for some time now. (After some time they do become teethers! )

4. High chair in the kitchen – So she can observe me cooking. I give her a teether or a pacifier usually. Or if it’s meal time, usually fruit pieces too since she has just learnt to self feed herself. Alhamdulilah.

5. High chair observing the washing machine while it is running – The running washing machine with soap water, clothes circling and it’s characteristic sound is quite a huge entertainment for my little one. Just make sure they are at a safe distance. Also you can observe them. (Babies  should not be left alone on high chair and should always be observed!)

6. Floor time – This is slowly replacing the play pen as her favourite. But I need to be quite observant or else she usually bangs herself somewhere or eats something from the floor.

7. Any bottle filled with spices/chickpeas/lentils from the kitchen – This is her favourite rattle toy of late. Just make sure it is tightly shut.

8.  Peek-a-boo with a small shawl – She just learnt it recently and can be fascinated for hours just by covering/uncovering her face. Make sure no strangling hazard.

9. Baby wear – Though I am not comfortable baby wearing while cooking due to the dangers posed from hot stove, water, sharp knives etc, I have resorted to it in dire situations.

10 – If all else fails,wake the peacefully sleeping father. Tadaa.

10 ways to entertain your 10 month old while cooking

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14 Replies to “10 ways to entertain a 10 month old while cooking ”

  1. Ah! High chair was my favourite too. My elder son used to patiently sit in it. I am afraid my younger son didn’t like just observing. Mostly they ‘cooked’ as I cooked. 🙂 Of course only they can see their meal. 😉

    Thankfully they have crossed this stage.

  2. Some great tips! 10 made me laugh out loud! Unfortunately mine was always at work. I used to have a bumbo seat and she would sit in there and eat snacks while I cooked.

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