Our Life in Pixels – Week 1, 2021 – Project 365

Hope it has been a good start to the year for you all. Here are our stories from this week

January 1, 2021

doha sunset

I have not hosted many parties or get-togethers. Earlier, it was because my house was really small. Once we moved to a bigger house, Covid ensued no one comes to our house haha. So to change the status quo, I began my new year by hosting my cousin. 😀 Alhamdulilah

Later in the evening, we went to a nearby park where we saw this beautiful sunset. The orangish-red hue of sunset time cannot be clearly shown through a lens or given justice to its beauty by words.

I do not have big dreams for this year but I do have small plans for myself InshAllah. Let’s see where it goes.

January 2, 2021

My brother got me some quirky finds from Ali Express and I just started using this today – A Mini Nano Facial Steamer (Amazon Affiliate Link). What a silly but useful product haha. It gives off a cool mist helpful in summers to combat the heat and helpful in winter by helping in hydrating and moisturising our face. It also has a skin analyzer which shows the level of hydration and grease on our skin besides a power bank

Jan 3, 2021

Until their Zoom class started, they are busy watching BookFlix

Back to Zoom. Back to Online class. On March 9, 2020, Qatar closed all schools and educational institutions. My daughter hasn’t stepped into school ever since! (Though Since Sept 2020 schools are working in 30% capacity and now with 50% capacity, considering her age and school situation, we felt it was better for her to continue online school) Her younger sister too joins her for the online classes for any interesting videos haha.

Jan 4, 2021

One of my small goals for this year is to – Move More! I frankly do not know if I can incorporate a fitness routine daily in my life with our current situation but I certainly can move more. Trying to incorporate 10 000 steps daily isn’t really easy as it looks. I either walk around the house, take my kids to a nearby park or do the Leslie Walk on Youtube. Voila

Jan 5, 2021

I am currently reading (Amazon Affiliate link) ‘The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Caroll’ and I am hooked. Though I have seen posts about Bullet Journal Method in the blogosphere, I did not really think of incorporating it into my life – Well, what do I do more than cooking, cleaning and clinic?! I was highly mistaken, I understand now. Bullet Journal Method is great for mothers and for people who have worrying thoughts running over their head always (like me). It is a to-do list, planner, diary, gratitude log all in one book customised to our own daily needs and life. You can doodle and make it artistic but if you want a plain-looking Bu-JO that’s fine too. Anything that works for you and your life.

Jan 6, 2021

Scary to climb uphill,
When you cannot see the zenith,
And do not have the will,
Often famished and not replenished.

Trodding, tiring
and perspiring
Often demotivating.

The pink hue at the peak,
Makes me seek.
The path less travelled,
But so gravelled.

Reminding myself, one step at a time
To reach there, that goal, so mine!


January 7, 2021

Sharing this post from my Instagram page where I am currently doing the Project 365

January 8, 2021

In the Middle East, our weekends are on Friday and Saturday. So it is a lazy weekend mode for us. Meanwhile, I am getting into Bullet- Journal step by step!

January 9, 2021

I know some countries around the world are going into their third lockdown. Meanwhile a few thoughts on the way Qatar handled the pandemic. Thank you, Qatar

That’s all from us for this week. Stay safe 🙂

(Planning to do the Project 365 this year. Hope I stay consistent since consistency is something I struggle with…)

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13 Replies to “Our Life in Pixels – Week 1, 2021 – Project 365”

  1. Fantastic photos!
    It seems so long since we had anyone in our house too. Stupid Covid. That sunset is beautiful.
    We have just gone back to home learning this past week. I hope your daughter is getting on well with the home schooling.
    It sounds like your country is handling the pandemic really well unlike the UK. It’s scary. x

  2. That sunset does look pretty. Photos never do capture it fully though, do they? Good luck with your goal to move more this year. I’m finding it hard to keep my steps up at the moment with being confined to the house more than usual. Glad that Qatar seems to be doing a good job of handling the pandemic – I wish our government was doing a better job! #project365

  3. Happy new year and welcome to Project 365! Love the sunset photos. I know exactly what you mean by projecting our fears onto our kids. How do we make them aware of the danger but also not make them too anxious? Keeping a personal journal is a lovely idea. My younger son is homeschooling right now, though as my older son has special needs, he goes to school several times a week, which is important for his mental health.
    Hope homeschooling works well for your daughter, lovely to see the little one joining in too.

  4. Welcome to Project 365!

    Beautiful capture of the sunset. And wow I hadn’t realised schools have been shit that long there. Here they were in a rush to get back!

    I need to move more too but just got so lazy with these lockdowns

  5. What a beautiful sunset! We also have not entertained, covid really has made us very anti social. I can completely relate to the home schooling, we are finding it very hard at the moment. I have always fancied trying bullet journaling I will be interested in how you get on. Looking forward to reading your posts in the coming weeks.

  6. Good to see you join in with 365. Home school is an experience. Thankfully ours haven’t been at home for as long because they did have a term back at school.

  7. Welcome to 365 and for stopping by on my blog. Lovely to have another blogger to share the weekends with. I’m in Dubai and the UK, splitting the year between my husband and the family (covid permitting) Love the portable facial steamer, the cold spritz function is most welcomed here.

  8. What a beautiful sunset. We are back in lockdown here and it’s my daughter’s birthday next week and I’d love to visit the shops to get her some presents. I cannot wait until we have visitors again

  9. Good luck with your goal to move more. I think I should join you. I definitely need to exercise more, I seem to be staying too close to the house. But once our builders finish I hope to get more fresh air. That cool mist device would be lovely for hot holidays abroad.

  10. Gosh that is a long time not to have been in school! I was grateful for the fact my daughter was in Sept- Dec, I needed that space as did she. I hope you are all getting on well!
    That facial steamer looks awesome, I bet it feels lovely on your face! How awesome to see you make your own Pom Poms too! Such an easy but fun craft to make that certainly brightens things up! Sim x

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