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It’s the Day 2 of Festival of Words by Write Tribe and today’s request is to showcase a few blogs I love.

I would like to share a few literary and creative writing blogs I enjoy a lot.

1) Writing for Life Creative Writing, Personal Journals     To find beauty in the subtle moments, to find a story in daily events, to appreciate funny moments as they happen and to share it in a few words is a gift some bloggers have. She happens to be one of those prolific writers. I enjoy her Funny Quotes section most !

2) La Tour De Force –  Creative Writing, Baking and Recipes    Combine beautiful imagery in words with taste-bud stimulating pictures of cakes and you will get her beautiful blog. Not many food bloggers take good care of the writing aspect of their blog posts. She does a wonderful job of both. Warning you beforehand, do not hop over to her blog if you are really hungry 😀 – those red cup cakes are tempting me to break off from my diet !

3) Daughters of tomorrow – Personal Journals and Insights    This is a personal blog of daily events, situations and travels by a mother of three children. Her no-nonsense way of writing and thinking out of the box is what appeals to me. Usually makes me introspect about decisions and situations. Her story reflects a brave ordeal of success despite all adversities and abuse.

4) Siraat- E- Mustaqeem – Creative Writing, Personal Insights, Religious Reflections  One of the few blogs I have consistently followed since 2008 and it was after reading her Tafseer sections that gave me the final push to start with my own studying. Her post themes ranges from travel, medicine, personal ordeals, tafseer and duas.

5) Fajr – Creative Writing, Religious Reflections, Translations from Classical Texts   An insightful and unique blog for people interested in learning about Classical Arabic Texts and Arabic literature. Her post theme ranges from tarbiyyah, personal development and education.

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17 Replies to “Blog Love”

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, much appreciated. I look forward to taking a look at your ‘Blog Love’ suggestions.

  2. I am glad you enjoy Raaji’s blog Writing for life.She is one of my favorite bloggers.An excellent writer with a great command over language she can convey her thoughts with clarity and brevity.
    I will check the other blogs you have commended.

  3. Lots of creative writing blogs here And I just realised I haven’t explored many of those genre. Thanks for this list!

  4. JazakAllah khayrun hun, for honouring my humble efforts, You really made my day, week, moth, year,life, whatever. Corny right? 😉

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