Tamarind Taste !

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge. My theme for the month is A to Z of words in English with an Arabic origin.

This entry would be by far my fave. It has combination of Arabic and India ! Yay 😀

In most South Indian dishes, we have a common ingredient for its sweetish sour taste -Tamarind. Little did I know until now, the Arabic origin to the name !


My grandmother used to keep salted Tamarind out in the sun for it to dry. I used to eat them without her knowing (and have a stomach ache later in the night!) Ah. Sweet Childhood memories !

Do you use Tamarind in your cuisine?


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  1. Tamarind is an essential ingredient in South Indian preparations.I need to eat my sambhar or kuzhambu made with this. Amchur does not give this flavour.
    Like you, in my younger days i used to stick a ball of tamarind mixed with salt and chilly powder like lollipop and enjoy eating it.

    1. I have no idea why, but many of your comments were going on to my spam and I didn’t realize it until now ! I am so sorry !!!

      Yeah they are tasty ! 😀

      Thanks for stopping by here. I shall get back to your blog once I am back from the vacation.

  2. I’m glad this is your favorite; it’s mine, too! I don’t even know what a tamarind looks like and have never tasted it, but it’s one of those exotic words that I love whenever I see or hear it – evokes the thought of foreign lands like India or Middle East !!

  3. Stopping over from http://versamus.blogspot.com.au/ as part of the A-to-Z.
    And, now I think I’ve found a new favourite blog! I love tamarind, and drive my house mates insane by trying to put it (and cumin) into everything I cook. It -usually- turns out well 😛
    Great post, and great idea for an A-to-Z. Now I’m going to go back and read the rest of them!

  4. I lived in a Mexican American neighborhood for a while and grew to be fond of the tamarind juice sold there in the shops and restaurants. I also like just buying the tamarind pods and sucking out the insides–tangy yet sweet. My birds also love them. I think they lend their unique flavor to Worcestershire sauce and possibly A1 steak sauce. I like the way you wrote about the letter “T” for today. I am also in this fun challenge.

  5. Hi Shahira .. I know I love the flavour .. but don’t often use it – your variation on a lollipop sounds fun … I must make a plan and try some again .. cheers Hilary

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