To Sir, With Love

June 12 , 2016. Ramadan 7, 1437

I have just started reading the Quran for the month. Target is to complete it at least once,  Insha’Allah.

Looking back to the first person who taught me the Arabic Alphabets, then words and finally reciting and memorizing from the Quran – Mr. L.

Mr. L was the head teacher at our local religious school. A calm and gentle person who peaceful demeanour made him the most loved by all the students. We often hear stories of Qur’an teachers who are strict and rude. Mine was neither.

.. it is his gentle teaching method which made me fall in love with the Arabic language and then made it easy to learn the Holy Qur’an. Alhamdulilah. He instilled in me a love for learning the intricate tafseer of the Holy Book. He also motivated me to take to public speaking.

The lessons we learn from classroom are usually forgotten after the end of year exams. But some teachers teach us lessons for a lifetime with their kindness and compassion.

May Allah bless our teacher with Bharakah in this life and next. May He raise his rankings with every letter from the Holy Qur’an read  by his every student. May the knowledge he has shared be Sadaqah jariyah for him and his family.



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