Role of parents in inculcating Deen in children

17th Ramadan 1437. 22 June, 2016

Role of a parent.

It was October of 2006. My first Ramadan away home. Just two months since I joined college.

I was the only one in my class who was fasting. Most of my friends didn’t know what Ramadan was. Completely different from 18 Ramadans before. No one to wake me up for Suhoor. No ifthar.  No taraweeh at the masjid.

For the entire month I ate bread and jam for Suhoor and bread and jam and Maggi for Ifthar. Normal dinner – Chappathi with some daal curry- for night-time. Yet, I survived it. Never did I think of missing any fast unnecessarily or find it burdening.

(25 th day,  I could take it no more. I flew back to Doha :D)

Now I realize, it was primarily due to my parents.


The love of deen is not something we  can or should enforce in your children. It is something we show to them by living it. We inculcate it to them by our actions.

Those 3:30 AM runs for fajr at the masjid…your daughter is noticing it.

Those recitation of the Qur’an after household work even though you are bone tired …your son is watching it.

Those ithikaf at the masjid during the final days though you have a busy job.. you daughter is learning from it.

That money you sent to your hometown to give to the neighbour…your son is observing it.

As a parent, action teaches louder than words.

May Allah bless us to be the best parents.

Rabbirham huma kama rabbayani sagheera.



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14 Replies to “Role of parents in inculcating Deen in children”

  1. Ameen! Now that I am married, I can so appreciate the impact my parents’ practice of Islam had on me. My dad always tried to enforce praying in jama’ah, so it’s weird when I see other men not doing that. My dad also was very committied to giving us ta’leem and although I didn’t enjoy Sunday School when I had to do, having that reinforcement saved me from many temptations. And my mom’s level of iman is inspiring. I hope one day when I am a parent, I can do the same.

  2. I can totally relate to what you were going through but Allah is always so rahmaan and raheem. HE always tries to make things easier for the mankind. I agree that children watch and observe everything so I make sure to do things only that I would like my child to copy.

  3. This is so touching. And so true! “Do as I say, not as I do” doesn’t work with children, no matter how much parents wished it did. Still, being in a position where kids look up to you is challenging, but you can take the challenge in a positive way.

  4. Aameen..
    That was a lovely post Shahira..Once we move into our own houses we realize it much better. How much our parents was and still doing for us ! And especially during Ramadan and Eid and you are away from home and alone, you get to know the taste of their sacrifice every single day.
    And I totally agree with what you said. Lima thaqooloona malaa thafaloon. True indeed.

  5. O yes, our young ones soak up sooo much it’s almost unbelievable. And they are getting smarter these days from a very young age. Subhanallah!

    May we be positive models of influence for them for their Deen and dunya matters.

    You know the older our parents get, the more we appreciate the great foundation they laid for us even though it didn’t seem significant in those early years. May Allah protect and reward them beyond this world.

  6. Such a beautiful reminder. Action really does teach louder than words. I think sometimes we forget that although our children aren’t saying anything about our actions they”re still observing it.

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