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It has been a slow week around here. Here are stories for this week.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

The kids were playing with the bubble gun they got from the carnival. I have soapy floors now, but I think my laziness on having to clean the mess should not be a reason for preventing the joy on their faces ๐Ÿ˜€ My job was to quietly observe and click pictures!

Monday, January 25, 2021

This is an ode to my Kindle! I had written about using my Tab as an Ereader in 2014. Well, comparing the Samsung Tab and Kindle as an Ereader, Kindle wins, hands down!

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Dysmenorrhea. (Teenage years) Some people said me it is just normal pain. You are acting. You cant bear little pain also. Your pain threshold is very low.

I felt guilty and confused then. Bore the pain. Cried my heart out. Besides, nausea and dizziness.

Did home remedies. Tried ayurvedic and homeo medicines besides certain lifestyle management which goes with these medications. Well, nothing worked. Absolutely!

Bore the pain every month. Took leave from school, college and work once a month.

Became an adult. Read that dysmenorrhea affects nearly 20% of women. It is not something to be dismissed!

Got married and had kids. (A doctor said to me while I was in 9th grade that it will go away with childbirth) Well, I had two deliveries- one was csection and another vbac. Guess what?! Nothing changed. Rather it increased 100x!

Somewhere I found this gold mine called Ponstan.

So now I gobble one or two Ponstan. Order in food. Switch on TV for the kids and Rest up with no guilt feeling!

Next target is to read up about the relationship with diet, nutrition and dysmenorrhea. If anybody has any book suggestions on the topic by people in the medical field, please recommend below!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The girls wanted to dress up today. I would normally say no and tell, “They are ‘outside’ dresses!” But then I thought – they have been sitting at home without attending any major events for about a year now. They are at the rapid-growth-phase and the dresses are not going to fit them soon. So let’s as well wear them, take pictures, twirl around and make memories! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thursday , January 28, 2021

Friday, January 29, 2021

Went for a flower festival today. It was so pretty to see. I think the lockdown and quarantine has opened up a plant-person side of me ๐Ÿ˜€ I hope I don’t kill the lovely plants I bought.

An additional pic because I loved it so much!

*QUERENCIA – It is a Spanish word which means – The place where oneโ€™s strength is drawn from; where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self.

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12 Replies to “Querencia – Week 4, 2021 – Project 365”

  1. What pretty bubbles.
    hahaha! Doctors lie! They said the same to me, as soon as I had a child the monthly pain would go away. I have glad you have found something to help now. I have the contraceptive implant so my periods don’t come as often.
    Those dresses are beautiful. My girls have had clothes they’ve grown out of and haven’t really worn them with all the lockdowns we’ve had. Make those memories. x

  2. Love the twirling dress photo. So true, N has lived in jogging trousers since March, and it drives me mad that he’s got all these jeans and nice jumpers but he just wants to be comfy.

  3. So good to see the girls enjoying their pretty dresses. The flower festival looks lovely – I’d love to visit something like that, but I can’t see that happening here this year. I’m with you on the kindle, much better for reading than a tablet.

  4. They look beautiful in their dresses and I love that you blew bubbles indoors. Sorry to hear that you struggle with dysmenorrhea, I have been struggling this week too and have a doctors app on tuesday to try and see if we can find a solution

  5. Lovely photo of the girls twirling in their pretty dresses. Glad you have found something that helps with the dysmenorrhea and Iโ€™m sorry that you were dismissed for so long about it. I get ovulation pain each month which can be quite horrible at times. Those flowers are so pretty. #project365

  6. Your period story sounds just like mine! My mum told me the line about it getting better after childbirth then admitted she was lying after I’d had 3 kids and still waiting for an improvement! The only doctor who ever took me seriously was a locum and next visit wasn’t there so back to nomral sadly. #project365

  7. Ha ha lockdown is also making me more of a plant person. Lovely to go to a flower festival we have missed them all here. And not the sort of thing that works virtually. Good point on the dresses they look a great colour.

  8. We love bubbles! My months have got terrible since having children. I have to have down days too then. The flowers are really pretty, I’m no good with flowers but always happy to admire them #365

  9. Sorry to hear you’re not well every month, seems so unfair and a complete puzzle as to why some women have no issues. Love the girls dresses, yes wear them and enjoy it

  10. Oh don’t blame you for getting the good dresses out! We got outfits for a wedding and then lockdown happened last year….and now the dress doesn’t fit Bee.

    I got myself a Kindle recently. Has helped me get back into books…but still nothing beats the feeling of an actual book in your hands.

    Sorry to hear about the Dysmenorrhea and that you weren’t listened to when you were younger

  11. So sorry to hear your difficulties with years of suffering from dysmenorrhea. Such a shame they didn’t take it more seriously when you were younger too. Must have been so hard as a teen. Totally agree with the beautiful dresses get out there and make the most of them.

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