Message in a bottle.

While rewinding myself at the beach, after the big fat battle against exams, I was caught up in my daily dose of day dreaming when a glistening glass caught my eye. My Nancy-Drew-honed curious mind went over to investigate only to find a glass bottle with a note inside. Excitement crept over me. I seek adventures or adventures seek me – I cannot fathom which is more appropriate.

Opening the tight shut wooden cork, I came across a beautiful message :

Laugh at life’s absurdities.
Learn from daily oddities.
Strengthen inborn abilities.
Polish innate capabilities.
Engage in useful activities.
Nurture selfless qualities.
Open to new possibilities.
Fulfill family responsibilities.
Reminder until posterities.

Pleasantly surprised at such a profound message, I wish I knew who the author was !

PS: This is a completely fictitious story. Yet a quick Google search led me to found out some true ‘Message in a bottle’ stories.

Daily Prompt from Daily Post : Water

(I am planning to take part in National Blog Posting Month, commonly called as NaBloPoMo. This is my first post for the month)


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