Madinah - Tha Prophet's Land



An Oasis land,

The land where the Beloved lies, under the Green Dome.

The land where a third of revelation gushed forth.

The land which imbues an aura of serenity and calm.

The land which gives a sense of peace to the believer.

The land which is a piece of every believer’s heart.

The land which has a portion of Jannah.

The land which openly accepted the believers when they were tortured by the Quraysh.

The land of Ansar – the generous lot.

The land under which is buried the Prophet’s father – Abdullah.

The land under which lies the thousands of Sahaba, in Baqii.

The land protected from the entry of Dajjal.

The land which witnessed the historic events of glorious Islamic past.

The land of the famed Ajwa dates.

The land protected from sickly  fevers.




Yet, tonight,

Explosions rocked the city. Injuring and killing.

When thousands were breaking the fast,

Breaking the hearts of  a million believers worldwide.


Attacks have occurred in the past too,

The attackers dissolved in the sands of time.

But the city has lived on,

Inviting pilgrims from every land

Calling traders from every nook

It will rise again from the fire.

Illuminating again – true to its name

By the will of Allah.


Ya Allah, protect the people everywhere from these senseless attacks.

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19 Replies to “Madinah”

  1. Ameen!!!, Beautifully penned poem with Great Photographs to go with it. Love it. Brings back special memories of my 1st Umrah to the Holy Lands last year. May Allah grant us all the ability to perform our hajj too, Ameen.

  2. Amin to your lovely dua. Madinah is such a blessed land, it breaks the heart that anyone would try to tamper with it’s peace and tranquility.

  3. I remember when this happened. Half way across the word, my heart ached.
    I couldn’t fathom why….

    Anyways, lovely poem. You summed up my feelings all in this post. May Allah protect our people.

  4. Assalamu alaikum… came through your blog by chance and glancing through it… Lovely work, MaShaAllah… The first picture reminded me of my Umrah days, it was just two years ago but feels like ages now… The attack on Madinah was unfortunate but Allah does what He promises, and He did just that, SubhanAllah… May Allah protect the Harams and our ummah from all sorts of fitnah…

    1. Walaikumussalam.
      Thank you so much for your kind words. *Smile* Ameen ! Summa Ameen!!
      I have been following your blog since ages haha and I do go through your recipes!!

      good day!

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