How to utilize Pinterest effectively for your blog?

How to Utilize Pinterest Effectively for Your Blog?

I had researched, read about and utilized Pinterest extensively for my blog from 2016-2018 – Often pinned one or two pictures for each of my blog posts. But I ended up taking a blog and Pinterest sabbatical from 2019-2020.

In spite of it, my previously created Pins did quite well on Pinterest. Below are the details of the stats from 1/1/2019- to 22/12/2020.

Probably these are quite humble stats for a constantly updated platform like Pinterest but I was quite happy with these stats when I checked them out in Dec 2020 – mainly for the simple fact – All of these numbers are from Pins which are directed towards a blog that is not updated often!

So what does that indicate?

Pinterest traffic to your blog is not flash-in-the-pan traffic like the traffic from other social media profiles.

(Disclaimer: I do not have all these ‘m’ and ‘k’ traffic on my blog 😁This is Pinterest stat from the business hub section)

…..and that comes to the topic of my post.

Pinterest is a great tool to divert traffic to your blog. So how do we utilize Pinterest effectively?

I will outline a few tips below in an easy-to-understand manner.

1. Convert your Pinterest profile to a ‘Business account’ if not already done.

2. Claim your Website, Instagram, Etsy or Youtube. How does that help you? Your name and profile picture will show up next to any Pins that come from your site or external accounts.

3. Apply for Rich-pins.

4. Make Pinterest worthy pins for each of your blog posts. (The more the merrier!)

5. Write the description for each pin in detail. Use keywords. Complete the alt text section too. (Pinterest is basically a search engine. Hence, have the correct keywords apt for your post)

6. Organize your pins into well-named boards. Each board should have clear and descriptive titles so as to help in Search.

7. Join group boards in your niche. (Respect group board rules)

8. Use Tailwind and Tailwind Communities (previously called Tailwind Tribes) ( Use the free version initially and then upgrade later)

9. Understand the analytics from the Business Hub section and see which pins are doing well (especially link clicks) and then create more content in a similar manner or about the same topics.

10. Add the Save (Earlier known as Pin-it) button on your blog.

11. Create a specific board for your blog. (When you write a post, pin it to your blog board)

12. Similar to Google, learn about good SEO techniques for Pinterest.

How to create click-worthy Pins?

● Pinterest itself recommends Vertical Pins- 2:3 aspect ratio (1000 x 1500 pixels) They stand out in people’s feeds.

● Use a good quality image.

● The font used should be clear.

● The images or video should tell a story so as to direct traffic to the post linked.

Canva is a great tool to create Pins.

● Add text overlay to the pins.

These are the stats for a well-performing Pin (from my blog) for 30 days from Nov 22 to Dec 22, 2020. I had created multiple pins for this particular blog post. (Remember – a dormant blog then! Pinterest works long term and is a great tool to direct traffic to your blog)

Where to learn about Pinterest?

● The Resources section on the Business hub of your profile is a good starting point.

● A quick Google search result will yield you many well-written blog posts and courses.

Can all blogs do well on Pinterest?

● Find out if the intended audience of your blog use Pinterest.

● Visual-laden niches do well on Pinterest.

● Parenting, Design, Decor, Fashion, Quotes, Recipes are some of the popular niches on Pinterest.

Should I use Pinterest if I am selling a product or service on my blog?

● YES! More YES!

● Pinterest users are mostly planners (and consumers) who are looking for ideas and inspiration.

How to utilize Pinterest effectively for your blog? In 15 easy steps. Click to read more

A few more tips about Pinterest.

● Use Apps such as Hootsuite, Later, Tailwind etc to schedule your pins.

● Tailwind is the best option since they are Pinterest-approved

● The Pinterest App on iOS and the web allows scheduling of pins for around 2 weeks.

● When making multiple pins for each blog post, do not add all the pins in your post ( It will look messy and crowded) Instead, create the pin through the Pinterest platform and direct the web link to your blog post.

Another Fun Fact while using Pinterest for your blog!

Pinterest is great for introverted bloggers like me who get quite overwhelmed with networking and marketing their blog on social media!! Since Pinterest works on SEO techniques, have a good Pin with a great story and the Pinterest algorithm will do the rest!

Hope these Pinterest tips have been helpful to you. Do you use Pinterest for your blog?

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28 Replies to “How to Utilize Pinterest Effectively for Your Blog?”

  1. Great ways. Pinterest helps to reduce the number of steps from discovery to conversion, making it easier for people to get straight to the source. Visitors from Pinterest are more likely to convert into leads or sales faster than from other social media sources. Way to go, Pinterest!

  2. What I like about Pinterest is we can create multiple pins for one post and share it in different boards. I use Pinterest and create Pinterest specific pins for my blogs. But I am yet to change it to Business account.

  3. Great post! Iam on Pinterest though only use a personal account. After reading this post, think Iam going to set up one for my business as well or convert the existing one.

  4. Stopping by your blog, for the first time, Dr Shahira! Thank you for sharing these valuable tips on using Pinterest. I had started using Pinterest about two years back and was quite regular with it but have stopped since the past year. It is useful though.

  5. Yes, I actively use Pinterest for my blog and it has given me amazing results. It works differently unlike other social media platforms and I love working on Pinterest. I pin at least 10-20 pins per week, sometimes more. With the new Story feature, it has become more interesting. Thanks for sharing such a detailed post about it.

  6. This is such an excellent post for someone who wants to try Pinterest and does not know where to begin. I have been using Pinterest for a while now for clients and have had some excellent results.

  7. Superb! Thanks for sharing handy tips to use Pinterest. I made account on Pinterest long back but honestly never bothered to use it, may be due to lack of time and knowledge also. Though I know it is the best way to get the direct traffic. I am saving your post for my reference to re alive my dead Pinterest account.

  8. This is very useful. I use Pinterest for my blog and it is working really well. Just like blogging, you need to be consistent to get the results.

  9. Pinterest is an amazing platform for bloggers.i even did a course by Neha. I created profile and claimed website but then i found difficulty in accessing the website. It always threw some error or the other before I could add something to the board. So i gave up. But now that u mentioned, let me get back to it again.

  10. I recently converted my personal account to business account. But still learning to use Pinterest. Thanks for sharing these tips. Very helpful for bloggers like me.

  11. Wow, now this is such an useful post Shahira. We all bloggers want to drive traffic to our blogsites and Pinterest is an excellent way to drive traffic. You have explained really well on how to use pinterest for our site. Thank you so much for this wonderful post.

  12. Pinterest is the great tool to gather a large audience for your business. Interestingly, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest as compared to instagram or facebook.

  13. Pinterest has always been an enigma for me. This article is really insightful. I will download tailwind and give this another try

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