Ramadan traditions

Building our Ramadan traditions

Our first Ramadan together as a family.

I am busy preparing for Ifthar. Fries and Juice.  He was cutting all the fruits. Little girl is having her floor time. She has just mastered crawling.

The food is arranged on the table. Little girl’s high chair is also put together. Watermelon and dates are cut in thin vertical pieces for her. (Ifthar BLW anyone, yeah?)

We go to the terrace of our building and await for Maghrib Adhan. I can see the workers of the local hypermarket crowd together and get ready for Ifthar. Cars on the highway are rushing past.

Time of accepted prayers. Friday – between Asr and Maghrib. There is an aura of peace.

Slowly I realise our little family is slowly forming our own Ramadan family traditions. Alhamdulilah

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